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Important Contacts

Coast Guard VHF #16 508-228-0398
Harbor Master/Town Pier 508-228-7261 or 508-228-7260
Nantucket Boat Basin VHF #11 508-325-1333
Nantucket Moorings 508-228-4472
Tow Boat US 508-517-1639

Boat Yards/Repair/Service/Chandlery

Brant Point Marine 508-228-6244
Finger Boatworks 508-826-7955
Glyn's Marine 508-228-0244
Grey Lady Marine 508-228-6525
Harbor Marine Repair 508-825-9998
Lewis Marine Repair 508-364-6334
Madaket Marine 508-228-1163
Nantucket Marine 508-228-6505
Nantucket Yacht Repair 508-367-7663
Nantucket Ship Chandlery 508-228-2300

Stillwater Moorings 508-367-9023

Boat Hauling

Atlantus Aeolius 508-228-4371
Brant Point Marine 508-228-6244
Grey Lady Marine 508-228-6525

Canvas/Sail/Upholstery Design & Repair

Canvas Works 508-228-5759
Nantucket Sail Repair 508-228-4280

Marine Electronics

Medawar Electronics 508-228-1242

Marine Salvage (Divers)

Chris Fuller 508-325-2467
Sunken Ship 508-228-9226

Yacht Clubs/Community Sailing

Great Harbor Yacht Club 508-325-5200
Nantucket Yacht Club 508-228-1400
Community Sailing 508-228-6600

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How To Use This Website:

www.ACKweather.com is a compilation of many different websites with specific weather data, all collected onto a single website - focusing on the Nantucket/Cape Cod area.

The website is set up much like a smartphone app with multiple layers within each module. The dots under each module title indicate how many pages are in that module. Just click on the arrows in the upper corners to move back and forth within the module. There is a LOT of information on this site so take some time to poke around each module.

You can also customize the appearance of the site to suit your interests. Each module can be moved by clicking on the module title bar and dragging it. For instance, if you are a pilot, you might want to move Aviation Weather module up to the top.

Twitter and Facebook feeds give on-the-water updates in real time, supplied by boaters, surfers and fellow islanders. We are not responsible for this information so use it wisely.

www.ACKweather.com was created by Egan Maritime Institute to encourage safety at sea for all area boaters and beachgoers. If you have suggestions to improve the website, please send an email to: info@ACKweather.com

www.ACKweather.com is an affiliate of Egan Maritime Institute, located at 4 Winter Street, Nantucket, MA 02554

*ACK is the abbreviation used to identify Nantucket (Airport) by the FAA

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